Designing the Agilik

Bionic Power designed the Agilik—its smart orthotic device—for people with crouch gait from cerebral palsy or another knee-extension-deficiency disorder. What makes it different from the other orthotics out there is that it not only helps its users to stand taller and walk stronger, giving people more autonomy, but has the potential to increase motor control as well.

What Crouch Gait Clinical Trials Tell Us About the Agilik

If you’re someone with cerebral palsy or spina bifida or some other knee-extension-deficiency disorder, or you’re the parent of a child with one of these conditions, you’re probably already familiar with orthotic devices. Ours – the Agilik™ – is different and we’d like to share more about our ongoing and planned clinical trials. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to apply to participate in one of them!