Bionic Power Inc. announced today (December 16, 2023) that a significant milestone has been reached by the company in the U.S. healthcare market. Their product, the Agilik, has been assigned the HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) code L2006, a critical step in enhancing its accessibility for patients in the United States.

Understanding HCPCS Code L2006:

The code L2006 is designated for a “Knee ankle foot device, … swing and stance phase microprocessor control with adjustability, includes all components (e.g., sensors, batteries, charger), any type activation, …, custom fabricated.” This classification underscores the advanced technological capabilities of the Agilik and its customization potential for orthotic care.

In the U.S., HCPCS codes are essential for billing medical services and products to Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance. These codes ensure accurate processing of insurance claims, making them vital for patient accessibility and reimbursement.

“We are pleased to see the regulators validate the technology and value of the Agilik for patients. Although having the product assigned to a specific code does not guarantee that every patient will be reimbursed, it does increase the accessibility to a wide range of patients in the U.S., especially those who will fit the medical requirements,” said Dr. Gualtiero Guadagni, the CEO of BPI.

About the Agilik

The Agilik smart orthosis can help people with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, hemiparesis and other gait and mobility disorders by assisting knee movement and supporting weight. This assistance acts to help them flex or extend their knee at key times in the gait cycle, depending upon needs. Designed initially with children in mind, the Agilik is now being used to help adult patients as well, including those with post-stroke and post-polio hemiparesis, CMT, or other neurological or muscular conditions that effect their gait.

About Bionic Power Inc.

Bionic Power Inc. is a Canadian, privately held company that has developed and holds IP rights on wearable technology. Our purpose is to design and manufacture lower-body, smart orthoses that improve quality of life by enhancing personal mobility and walking abilities. Its proprietary technology has been developed through partnerships with and research grants from the Canadian, US and Israeli governments.