The Bionic Power Amplify™ utilizes titanium, carbon fiber, Pebax and other materials to provide a light, leg-based, multi-purpose non-medical, augmenting exoskeleton. Its hybrid algorithm and motor/generator will not only reduce fatigue via endurance augmentation, but will also provide a reliable source of electricity (up to 12W) when walking without hindering any natural motion. The Amplify™ will be used by the military, emergency responders, and consumers to reduce fatigue and/or charge batteries.

  • Fatigue reduction, especially in hilly terrain (metabolic benefit up to 15%)
  • Power in remote locations for an unlimited duration (up to 15W while walking)
  • Reduced load by reducing quantity of batteries carried
  • Increased mission flexibility
  • Reduced resupply logistics



The Amplify hybrid, non-medical exoskeleton began as a kinetic energy harvester, generating electricity from the natural action of walking in much the same way regenerative braking works in hybrid cars. Soldiers around the world carry huge amounts of heavy batteries to power their devices. Bionic Power’s goal with our harvesters was to enable soldiers to carry less batteries, recharge existing batteries, extend mission times and reduce logistics. But we thought we could do even better.

After partially going back to the drawing board to add new features, the Amplify now also provides endurance augmentation to reduce fatigue. Whether you are a soldier marching to a battlefront, or a Search and Rescue volunteer hiking to the rescue, a long-distance hiker or someone who just needs a boost, the Amplify will be able to assist you by augmenting your step, providing a source of electricity, and in some cases reducing the weight you carry.

Once fully developed, the Amplify’s technology may serve as the platform for the next version of the Agilik medical device, which would serve a larger population with various conditions that affect their gait and assist the elderly to Stand Taller and Walk Stronger.



Bionic Power’s Amplify is a hybrid, non-medical exoskeleton that both increases your endurance and helps charge itself or your gear when walking. The motor provides torque to the knee joint during various stages of gait, reducing the leg’s need to exert energy and thus reducing fatigue. Its smart harvesting technology uses regenerative braking similar to a hybrid electric vehicle. While walking, muscles are constantly accelerating and decelerating the knee joint. The Amplify takes advantage of this by assisting the muscles with braking to decelerate the knee joint and simultaneously generating power. This isn’t magic, so it can’t generate enough electricity to keep itself fully charged when you are using the augmentation feature, but it does extend its own range significantly. When you want to only charge devices, the augmentation can be turned off so that energy harvesting alone is occurring, and in an hour of walking, one can charge an iPhone 13 from completely dead.

The system is comfortable and offers no noticeable impediment to mobility through the use of flexible materials, comfortable straps and a patented, tracking knee linkage. 



The Amplify hybrid, non-medical exoskeleton will be suitable for anyone looking for endurance augmentation and/or device recharging. Users will include soldiers, emergency responders, Search and Rescue operators, and average people who would like a boost while walking, hiking, climbing steps or keeping their communication and navigation devices charged.



Designed to be used in the field, the Amplify will be able to be used outdoors in most weather and even worn while fording a river.



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