Give kids a chance to Stand Taller, Walk Stronger™

The Agilik Movement is both a crowdfunding campaign and community-building. Why? To show and tell the world about the Agilik: what it is, how it works, and the way it’s changing the lives of children and youth with knee-extension deficiencies.

Mobilize with us to spread the word!

Let’s Give Away Agiliks!

We are using GoFundMe to raise CA$500,000 to give away Agilik devices to kids who need them. We know it’s an audacious goal. But when a kid puts on an Agilik and starts to move in ways they haven’t been able to before, the beaming smiles on their faces are priceless. And we all want to see more smiles!

The Agilik Movement’s mission? There are hundreds of thousands of kids who who can benefit from the Agilik but very few know we exist. Together, let’s raise money and awareness, and donate devices for up to 25 kids or teens without the financial means to fund a device purchase. At this point in time, eligible recipients for a donated device must live in Canada, where the healthcare system does not cover the Agilik.

In addition to providing devices, donations will help fund the training and support we provide to care teams—including orthotists and physical therapists—to enable them to tune the Agilik, work with the users, identify others who can benefit, and build out the Agilik Community.

The Agilik is a proven product – a life-changing therapeutic option for use at home, school, the clinic, and everywhere life takes the young person wearing it. More people need to know it exists!

How the Agilik Works

The Agilik looks like a regular knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO), but it’s a powered orthosis, embedded with smart technology that actively assists the wearer and improves the way they walk. It’s light, easy to put on and take off, and comfortable. It’s also customizable and adjustable as its wearers grow. The Agilik makes children and young people more mobile and independent, improving the quality of life for them and for their loved ones.

Apply for a Device Donated by the Agilik Movement

We have had to make tough decisions about the rules for this campaign. At this point in time, eligible recipients for a donated device must live in Canada.

We will compile a list of 25 eligible candidates to receive a crowdfunded Agilik device on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to the campaign terms and conditions. This means the first 25 people to submit a full and complete application make the eligible list. 

It’s important to know that being on this list doesn’t guarantee a device. If the Agilik Movement raises our CA$500,000 target, we will donate 25 devices. If we raise less money, the Agilik Movement will give away fewer devices. Read more in the FAQs.

Not Eligible For A Crowdfunded Device But Want To Learn More About The Agilik?

While the Agilik Movement campaign is focused on children and adolescents, the device works for adults, too!


Yes! There are children and adolescents with crouch gait and knee-extension deficiencies all over the world. Every donation counts in this inclusive campaign, no matter where it comes from, though the recipients of the donated Agilik systems must be located within Canada.

Unfortunately, no. Bionic Power is not a charity and cannot provide tax receipts for donations. 

Our stretch goal is to raise CA$500,000 so we can donate 25 Agilik devices to children and adolescents who need them. We will donate as many Agilik systems as we can, based on the money we raise.

This is a public donation campaign with Agilik devices provided to eligible applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to the campaign terms and conditions. We will not prioritize the selection list for any reason.

You are of course free to run your own private campaign to raise money to purchase your own Agilik device. Anyone who is interested in running their own campaign can reach out to us and we may be able to provide some supporting material.

We designed the Agilik smart orthosis to help people with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, hemiparesis, and other gait and mobility disorders. Talk to your doctor, orthotist, or physical therapist to determine whether the Agilik is the right device for your child.

The patient’s orthotist and physical therapist collaborate to tune the parameters and settings of the Agilik. Once the patient is familiar with the device and able to walk with it in a clinical setting, their team will decide whether they are ready to use it at home. Use of the tuned Agilik is simple and the power can be turned on and off with the touch of a button on each leg.

Your orthotist will set the final cost for your Agilik based on your specific circumstances. Typically, we sell the Agilik system to your orthotist, who fabricates your fully custom KAFO, with the Agilik incorporated into it. This entire system is then sold by your orthotist to you. Your orthotist would help with getting insurance reimbursement.

For this campaign, we are pricing the Agilik at CA$20,000 for a bilateral (both legs) system. This includes the pure manufacturing cost (time and materials for left and right actuator, battery holster, battery and accessories), a proportion of the campaign running costs including trials in the field of the device for each candidate recipient, the training of the user’s orthotist and physical therapist, the follow-on support to users, and a one-year warranty period. This price does not include the fully custom KAFOs that the Agilik attaches to, which the applicant is responsible for and whose local orthotist will fabricate and attach to the Agilik.

The current focus on Canadian children stems from practical considerations related to healthcare coverage. Most public and private insurance programs in the US reimburse microprocessor-controlled smart orthoses, such as the Agilik, when medical necessity is proven, making it more accessible to American families. In contrast, the Canadian healthcare insurance system has yet to provide similar coverage, creating a gap that our campaign seeks to address.